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Our Kindergarten Facilities





Rosary Kindergarten has ten classrooms. Each class is managed by two well- trained teachers. The classrooms are set up with comfortable seats, nice furniture and educational tools: Active board, flash cards, puzzles, etc… that create safe and fun environment.

Computer Lab


There are many modern educational tools in our kindergarten. Rosary Kindergarten/Shmeisani has equipped a computer laboratory to emphasize teaching- Learning process successfully.



Gymnastics is a wonderful sport for kids.

Rosary kindergarten has a spacious area where children can enjoy some activities .It also has safe equipments, basketball boards, and a tennis court.

Ballet Room


Rosary ballet hall is supplied with mirrors, music system and enough space where dancers can practice ballet movements happily and safely. Ballet classes are taught by an experienced instructor.

Art Room


Children naturally love art. Rosary school art room is decorated with beautiful pictures, tables and chairs, wall cards, boards, paint brushes, and craft projects. With the help of an art specialist, children will discover the fun side of learning all year long.

Music Room


Music enhances a child’s development. The music room is furnished with comfortable seats, music system, speakers, and musical instruments. There is a music specialist who   encourages children to sing, dance and use the music instruments.   



The playground is very important in children daily life. Our kindergarten playground is a spacious safe area where children can have their break and practice some physical activities throughout playing.


Swimming Pool


Swimming lessons are so much fun. Rosary kindergarten has indoor swimming pool. It also has clean changing rooms, showers, warm water, and shelves for each kid. Children are taught the correct techniques of swimming under the supervision of a swimming coach.