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  Dear Parents,

We welcome you all in Rosary Kindergarten/Shmeisani,
and we wish you a happy and successful year.
Important Notes: 

1-We ask parents kindly to accompany their child to the classroom in the first day.
2-Children who come by bus must hang a tag bearing child’s name and class.
3-Children must come to school on time to be able to participate in morning assembly. It is very important for your children not to miss out this part of the day, because it serves the learning process.
4-Children are not allowed to leave the class before the official ending of the school day.
Learning Process

1-The theme booklet and 2 parents letters (Arabic/English) will be sent to the parents in a file, telling them what their children have covered during the two weeks. Parents will kindly be asked to revise with their children what they have learned throughout the two weeks.
2-Practice copybook will be sent with KG2 children twice a week. Please do the pages that selected by the teacher and no more. Once your child has completed his homework at home, we ask you kindly to sign that you have checked the work that your child has done.
3-If your child has been absent and missed doing some worksheets at class, the teacher will send the worksheet for you to complete them with your child.
4-If any child has lost/ damaged the practice book for a reason, parents will kindly be asked to pay for a new one. So please teach your child to take care of the books.

KG children will be going on recreational and educational trips throughout the year. If your child would like to participate, please fill the permission form and return it to the class teacher. Parents will be informed about the trips on time.

We would like to remind parents that it is very important to write your child's name on the school uniform. The school is not responsible for any missing pieces.
- Extra clothes: We ask parent kindly to supply your child’s teacher with extra clothing and underwear as well. The clothes must be labeled with your child's name and class.
Physical Education

Children will have Physical Education lessons twice a week according to the class schedule. So please make sure that your child is wearing the proper PE uniform.
Note: Trainers without shoelaces are easier for your children to handle.

Your child needs to bring a lunchbox daily. It must be a small-sized one. The teachers will emphasize the healthy eating habits.
Note: No need for big-sized bags.
Good Habits

Teachers will talk with the children about some good habits:
-Brushing teeth.
-Taking a shower.
-Keeping the clothes clean.
-Washing hands before and after eating and after using the toilet.
-Combing hair daily.
-Having clean short finger nails.

Note: We ask you kindly to send a box of tissues, personal hygiene and a roll of toilet paper with your child.
SMS Messages

Parents will receive sms messages from school in case of emergencies or holidays. To ensure the flow of communication between us, kindly keep the school updated with any changes in your cell phone numbers throughout the year.
For more information or any comments, please do not hesitate to ask your child’s teacher or any of the school staff.
Kind regards,
Rosary Kindergarten Principal
Sr. Carobine